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Do you want collaborare to translate RepairsLab?


Contact us and tell us the language you are interested in

we'll send a file to be translated from English or another language in your.

Just got the file with the translation will be inserted the new language and get the appropriate tests, will be released the new version of the system.

To contact us click on the link below:

Contact us

Or write to us at this email address

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Notes on the completion of the language file


To edit the language file is advisable to use an advanced editor than MS Windows Notepad

If you haven't a good text editor, we strongly recommend using Notepad++.

The file consists of a series of key-value pairs like this:

VcDlgDetailScheda.msgSave=Do you want to save the change?

You have to simply translate the value, eg. for translation into Portuguese

VcDlgDetailScheda.msgSave=Você deseja salvar as alterações?

This procedure must be performed for each key.

At the end of the file you can optionally enter your name, your sourceforge username and your email as follows

# @name = Fabrizio Ferraiuolo

# @sfuser =fferro

# @mail = yourName@...

You will be notified with an email address to send the translated file.